RB Solo Estilo RG

Rob Guerrero new skates: the Rollerblade Estilo RG

Recently, American Rob Guerrero was in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the Street Bowl Contest. He introduced there his new skate model, the Rollerblade Estilo RG.

The skates are grey, very adaptable in terms of esthetics.

This is really a pro model, with big wheels of 72mm: you have to be used to pro skates to control it entirely.

The fact that the shoe is close to the foot makes them more orientated to pro skaters as well. At last, the Rollerblade Estilo RG is a very strong model, perfect for a rude use and a long ride through months and years! Blank, the common brand of Rollerblade and Nitro, created the inside shoe, which makes this skate even more comfortable. “When you appreciate to skate fast, these skates are the ones” explains Rob Guerrero to present his new model. So if you want to see it, let’s try them!