Rodar y Rodar



Directed by Greg Mirzoyan Camera assistant: Pascal Dupoy aka Kalou Shot in Barcelona

Skaters: Michelle Steilen aka Estro Jen Katie Baird aka Bambi Bloodlust Amy West aka Indy Jamma Jones Vanna Curtis

Music: Selah Sue, ‘Falling out’


Nike BeachComber Rollers


Nike BeachComber Rollers

It rules. And it rolls. Up the beach. Down the street. The BeachComber Roller takes you and your friends for a ride. Just fast enough to catch the breeze. Just slow enough to catch the eye. Yes, indeed you’re cruising at speed. You’re going to put on your new BeachComber Rollers. You’re going to cruise down the beach or take a spin down the street and you’re going to ask yourself one question…

Why did I ever walk?

  • Clear Elastalon Tip and Vamp = Elastalon material provided extra durability.
  • Reflective Welds on side and heel = The area around the logo is made of reflective material for safety at night.
  • Non-Stretch quarter for support = The upper has a supportive non-stretch pattern with a retro feel.
  • Soft molded mesh collar = There is a soft molded mesh collar for comfort around the heel.
  • Gusset over tongue and extra foam to support weight of the chassis = The tongue has extra foam and a stretch material band over the top to support the extra weight of the chassis. The chassis is strong and light nylon.
  • Hyper Rollo Wheels = The wheels provide great control, a smooth ride and durability.
  • They phylon midsole and translucent rubber outsole = provides cushioning and comfort and a wide base for support.
  • 2 x 1.444 grs

S1 Helmet Co X Moxi Roller Skates


S1 filmers Bobby Crawford and Dan McCashin follow roller skater, Michelle Steilen, aka Estro Jen and the Moxi Roller Skate Team as she discovers many of Southern California’s exclusive skate parks, bowls and pools. For more by S1 visit www.s1helmets.com or youtube.com/s1helmets and. For more by Moxi visit www.moxirollerskates.com

INSTAGRAM @S1Rollerderby

Greg Mirzoyan – Urban skating with the Twister Pro


Greg Mirzoyan – Cruising on the Twister Pro

«I had a great time skating on the Rollerblade Fusion for the last 6 years but when I saw the Twister Pro for the first time I really wanted to give them a try. I never skated with the Twister before, I am really enjoying the ride, nothing to compare with the Fusion, they are just completely different skates and I like them both. I’m just going to skate the Twister Pro for a little more as I think I didn’t push it to its maximum potential. Greg Mirzoyan»

Location: Barcelona
Camera man: Ben Brillante

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Michelle Steilen


Michelle Steilen, also known in the roller derby world as Estro Jen is the owner of Moxi Roller Skates and Moxi Shop. She is a star in the Long Beach roller derby scene and she does a lot to push and promote anything and everything roller skating related. Since we make Rollerbones, our roller derby company, and all the roller derby ladies skate Bones Bearings, we wanted to do something to show support to all the derby ladies who support us. We came up with an idea to do something a little be different and decided to film some stuff at some famous skateboard spots in Los Angeles. We really had no idea how this would turn out. Hope you all enjoy this.